We have divided the website into themes which reflect different community economic practices across the region.  Some of these practices exist in more than one theme.

Caring for Commons

These keywords and phrases all refer to relationships of care and sensitivity to the more than human world – of rivers, ancestors and specific places from which seeds spring. In each case, the more than human constitutes a commons that is made, shared by and sustains a community of commoners.


These keywords all refer to ways of sharing goods and wealth within a community by gifting to those with specific needs at specific times. The gift transaction is associated with distinctive ritual practices or community rules.

Reciprocal Labour

These keywords all refer to ways that human bodies and their capacities are offered to others to support survival needs under conditions laid down by community negotiated rules.

Rotating Access

These keywords all refer to ways of distributing access to survival goods in a sequential manner that attends to the temporality of specific needs.


Photo:  Siamak Djamei on Unsplash

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